(mailed to GTS members by Jean-Jacques Herings, Secretary-Treasurer of the Game Theory Society, on 21 September 2017)

Dear Members of the Game Theory Society,

According to the Bylaws of our Society, one of the duties of the Council is to vote for the Fellows of the Society. The Fellows of the Society are a group of people honored for their contributions to game theory and service to the Society, and are a source of advice for the Steering Committee. With the advice of the Council and the Fellows, the Steering Committee may, at any time, propose a person to become a Fellow. The person will be elected a Fellow by the members of the Council using the system of approval voting.

The Steering Committee has proposed to nominate as Fellows former members of the Steering Committee and the retiring Council members of 2017:

Dilip Abreu
Robert Aumann
Elchanan Ben-Porath
Francis Bloch
Eric van Damme
Jean-Jacques Herings
Carmen Herrero
Ehud Kalai
Paul Klemperer
Preston McAfee
Andrew McLennan
Fernando Vega-Redondo
Bernhard von Stengel
Eyal Winter
Asher Wolinsky
Bill Zame

The Council has unanimously approved of this proposal.

We thank all the people who contributed their effort towards this election, and wish the fellows all the best in fulfilling their duties.