An international society for the advancement of game theory and its applications, the Game Theory Society, began operations on January 1, 1999.  The Game Theory Society promotes the investigation, teaching, and application of game theory.

Game theory studies strategic interaction in competitive and cooperative environments.  It chessis a central tool for economics and the social sciences, poses challenging research questions in mathematics, and is applied across a wide variety of fields, including computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, and biology.

The Game Theory Society holds its World Congress every four years, including:

  • 2000, Bilbao, Spain
  • 2004, Marseille, France
  • 2008, Evanston, IL USA
  • 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2016, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • 2020, Budapest, Hungary.

Inter alia, the Game Theory Society:

  • sponsors journals and other publications;
  • holds international congresses as well as regional and specialized meetings;
  • recognizes, by prizes and awards, the work of outstanding contributors to the field;
  • acts as a source of reliable information about game theory to the popular media;
  • represents the interests of its members to various bodies, such as grant-giving organizations;
  • establishes and promotes relations with related disciplines such as economics, mathematics, statistics, political science, evolutionary biology, computer science, experimental psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, philosophy, and others;
  • establishes connections, including membership tie-ins, with other learned societies;
  • provides centralized information regarding job opportunities, preprint series, bibliographical information and news of interest, etc. to members;
  • encourages the development of game theory and its applications in less developed countries and in areas of the world where it is not yet established.

The Game Theory Society has two official journals, Games and Economic Behavior and the International Journal of Game Theory.

The Game Theory Society’s has a privacy policy that complies with the GDPR.