Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Member of the Game Theory Society,

This is the inaugural newsletter of the Game Theory Society. We intend that it will become a regular affair. We welcome suggestions about items to include. For now, we include a link to the Society web page that records Game Theory conferences happening around the world and two recent posts. We urge you to use the conference announcement form on the web site to publicize Game Theory conferences you may be hosting.

Finally, three of our members have marked the new year with books on Game Theory. George Mailath has just published Modeling Strategic Behavior. This book is aimed at first year graduate students. The second is Divine Games by Steven J. Brams. It is a game theoretic analysis of the interaction between a mortal and an omnipotent being. The third, authored by Matthew Jackson, is entitled The Human Network. It is aimed at a general audience.

Suggestions for items to be included in future issues of the newsletter are welcome.

In Memoriam: Michel Balinski (1933-2019)

Categories: GTS News

Has, after a long illness passed away. Though born in Geneva, he spent the early part of his life in France. The 1940 invasion of France propelled the Balinski family to the United States. He returned to France 40 years later where he settled. Balinski received his PhD under the supervision of Albert Tucker, part of that remarkable cohort of …