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Call for Papers: Dynamic Games and Applications – Special Issue on Numerical Methods for Dynamic Games

Guest Editors: Maurizio Falcone, Universita di Roma “La Sapienza”, Herbert Dawid, Bielefeld University, Dynamic Games (DG) offer a natural paradigm to study numerous problems in different areas ranging from economics and management science to engineering and social sciences. Realistic models in these fields are in general analytically intractable, and their treatment requires the […]

Call for papers for submission to the  International Journal of Game Theory  in the area of Combinatorial Games

The International Journal of Game Theory (IJGT) encourages submissions of significant papers in Combinatorial Game Theory, and has invited Aviezri Fraenkel to its Editorial Board to deal with these submissions. IJGT, founded in 1971, has a long tradition of publishing papers in game theory with significant mathematical content. Combinatorial Game Theory has developed into a […]

Call for Papers: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Special Issue on Psychological Game Theory

Guest Editors: Martin Dufwenberg (University of Arizona) and Amrish Patel (University of East Anglia) Psychological Game Theory is a formal framework for studying strategic interaction when players have belief-dependent motivations. The framework was first introduced by Geanakoplos, Pearce and Stacchetti (1989, GEB) and further developed by Battigalli and Dufwenberg (2009, JET). It has proved useful […]