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In Memoriam: Kenneth J. Arrow (1921-2017)

(posted by Rakesh Vohra, 21 February 2017) Kenneth Joseph Arrow, a member of the Society’s advisory board since its foundation, passed away February 21, 2017. If a scholar’s contributions are to be judged by the amount of work he or she created for others, then Arrow was a full employment act. Born in 1921, he […]

Books: Introductions and Texts

Introductory: Charalambos D. Aliprantis and Subir K. Chakrabarti Games and Decision Making Oxford University Press, 2000 Ken Binmore Playing for Real: A Text on Game Theory Oxford university press, 2007 Avinash K. Dixit and Barry Nalebuff The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist’s Guide to Success in Business & Life WW Norton & Company, 2008 […]

Books: Applications of Game Theory

Bargaining: Abhinay Muthoo Bargaining Theory With Applications Cambridge University Press, 1999 Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein Bargaining and Markets Academic Press, 1990 Contract Theory: Patrick Bolton and Mathias Dewatripont Contract Theory The MIT Press, 2005 Bernard Salanié The Economics of Contracts: A Primer The MIT Press, 2005 Environmental: Edited by Carlo Carraro and Vito […]

Books: Auctions, Matching and Mechanism Design

Tilman Börgers An Introduction to the Theory of Mechanism Design Oxford University Press, 2015 Pierre-André Chiappori Matching with Transfers: The Economics of Love and Marriage Princeton University Press, 2017 Alfred Galichon Optimal Transport Methods in Economics Princeton University Press, 2016 Paul Klemperer Auctions: Theory and Practice Princeton University Press, 2004 Vijay Krishna Auction Theory Academic […]

Books: Cooperative Game Theory

Hervé Moulin Axioms of Cooperative Decision Making Cambridge university press, 1991 Bezalel Peleg and Peter Sudhölter Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games 2004 Springer, 2004 Edited by Alvin E. Roth The Shapley Value: Essays in Honor of Lloyd S. Shapley Cambridge University Press, 1988

Books: Experimental Economics

Ken Binmore Does Game Theory Work? The Bargaining Challenge The MIT Press, 2007 Colin F. Camerer Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interactions Princeton University Press, 2003 Douglas D. Davis and Charles A. Holt Experimental Economics Princeton University Press, 1993 Edited by Joseph Henrich, Robert Boyd, Samuel Bowles, Colin Camerer, Ernst Fehr, and Herbert Gintis […]

Books: Foundations of Game Theory

Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Klaus Ritzberger The Theory of Extensive Form Games Springer Series in Game Theory, 2016 Ken Binmore Essays on the Foundations of Game Theory B. Blackwell, 1990 John C. Harsanyi and Reinhard Selten A General Theory of Equilibrium Selection in Games The MIT Press, 1988 Andres Perea Epistemic Game Theory – Reasoning and […]

Books: History of Game Theory

Mary-Ann Dimand and Robert W. Dimand The History of Game Theory: From the Beginnings to 1945 Routledge, 2002 David M. Kreps Game Theory and Economic Modelling Clarendon Press, 1990 Edited by Harold W. Kuhn and Sylvia Nasar The Essential John Nash Princeton University Press, 2001 Robert Leonard Von Neumann, Morgenstern and the Creation of Game […]

Books: Learning and Evolution

Immanuel M. Bomze and Benedikt M. Pötscher Game Theoretical Foundations of Evolutionary Stability Springer-Verlag, 1989 Mark Broom and Jan Rychtář Game-Theoretical Models in Biology CRC Press, 2013 Ross Cressman Evolutionary Dynamics and Extensive Form Games The MIT Press, 2003 Ross Cressman The Stability Concept of Evolutionary Game Theory: A Dynamic Approach Springer Science & Business […]

Books: Networks

Edited by Yann Bramoullé, Andrea Galeotti, and Brian W. Rogers The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks Oxford University Press, 2016 Sanjeev Goyal Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks Princeton University Press, 2012 Matthew O. Jackson Social and Economic Networks Princeton University Press, 2008 Marco Slikker and Anne Van den Nouweland Social […]