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Council Elections 2015

(mailed to GTS members by Jean-Jacques Herings, Secretary-Treasurer of the Game Theory Society, on 30 March 2016) Dear member of the Game Theory Society, The elections for the replacement of 12 members of the GTS Council have taken place, and the following candidates have been elected: Rabah Amir Tilman Börgers Olivier Compte Hülya Eraslan Srihari […]

In Memoriam: Lloyd S. Shapley (1924-2016)

(posted by Rakesh Vohra, 13 March 2016) The Nobel laureate Lloyd Shapley passed away on March 12, 2016. He was of the `heroic age’ of Game Theory that gave us, among others, Gale, Nash, Scarf, and Kuhn. You will find his memorial among the many eponymous concepts, models and theorems that pave the subject: the […]